"On-line registration" expires Oct. 17th, 2016.
After that date, you will be able to register
only on-site, in Rome
(see the preliminary program).
On-site registration will be possible
also via credit card.

Registration to ICWL grants access to both ICWL and SETE Technical events, comprising the technical sessions, the keynotes, the workshops, and the Doctoral Consortium.

A "Full Registration" is required:
  • by at least one author, for each paper published in the Proceedings of ICWL, or SETE (tracks or workshops)
  • by an attendee not involved as author of a paper in the abovementioned proceedings.

An "Author Registration" can be done only by authors of a paper for which a Full registration was already issued by another co-author.

The "Additional paper" registration is used when a single participant co-authored more papers than one, and comes alone to the conference to present them. In this case only one of the papers needs Full registration, while the others can be registered as Additional.

A "Student Registration" has to be backed up by a reasonable proof of being a student, such as a pdf copy of a certificate issued by the student's university.
(See instructions in the Registration Form)

Doctoral students presenting a proposal in the Doctoral Consortium, register as Student, and don't need to submit the abovementioned "proof".
“"Early" = by Sept. 30th Oct. 3rd (yet notice that the registration for the ICWL papers is due by Aug. 20th)
Extended Deadline: Early registration is until Oct. 3rd
"Late"  = From Oct. 4th til Oct. 18th.

Prices (please mind the NOTICE below)

early late on site
Full registration 520 570 620
Author Registration 460 510 560
Student 300 350 400
additional paper 320

  • Additional reception ticket: Euro 25  
  • Additional banquet ticket: Euro 80
  • Extra page charge: Euro 50 (maximum 2 additional pages for full papers and 1 additional page for short papers)

The registration form can be found here: <REGISTER NOW!> (but first please read the notes below!!!)


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All the fees above are intended in EURO and VAT Exempt.
They are subject to Italian laws though, so in some cases VAT should be added: see below and determine your own VAT category, before going to the Registration Form Page.
  • category 1: "Individual belonging to an Italian university or public administration"
    --> can be VAT Exempt
    In this case, when you are in the Registration Form, do not proceed to pay with your personal credit card, but choose to pay via bank transfer, wait for the confirmation email from the system and move all the procedure to your administration; ask them to make contact with in order to make the payment according to the recently introduced "fatturazione elettronica" e "split dell'IVA".

    (Be careful please: If you register on your own, without the above described back up from your institution, you will fall in the third category below).

  • category 2: "Individual belonging to a non-Italian institution"
    --> VAT Exempt
    In this case, you can proceed to payment via credit card and/or bank transfer, *but* you need to provide, in the registration form, the data of your institution (in particular the VAT code)

  • category 3: "Individual belonging to an Italian private company and/or acting as an individual private person"
    --> not VAT Exempt (so the fees are as above noted *plus 22%*)
If you need further clarifications or met any trouble with the Registration Form, please send an email to

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Each paper published in the ICWL Proceedings, and each paper published in the SETE Proceedings (Tracks and Workshops) must be accompanied by a distinct Full Registration of one of the authors.

The only exception to this rule is in the case of an attendee that is co-author of more than one paper, and is going to present them alone in the conference; in this case the attendee has to register one of such papers through a Full registration, and the others through a registration of the kind "additional paper"

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The full registration, and the Author Registration fees include admission to all the ICWL&SETE non optional activities: conference and Workshop/Track sessions, proceedings, welcome reception, coffee breaks, lunches, Social Dinner.
The student registration fee includes everything included in the full registration except the Social dinner.

For any further questions: